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nigerE Auction Site is now live with Interswitch as a Payment method. nigerE currently has 16 international payment gateways integrated including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, GoogleCheckout, iKobo, Authorize.net etc., but due to limitations of accepting the naira currency and several other limitations, nigerE Auction is proving that ecommerce and online transaction can actually occur within Nigeria and can be placed on an international currency exchange without any issue. We are utilizing Interswitch to show that this can work with local Nigerian banks as well as international banks and finiacial instutions .

Why Ecommerce?

because with online purchase, you get to make online purchases everywhere and anywhere there is internet access. This way, you are not limited to a store or physical location. In addition, with online shopping, The hustle and bustle, stress, barriers to varieties , high priced items, etc. are removed with a simple simple click of a button. With nigerE, all transactions are secured with multiple layers of both human and technology security and continuous monitoring, checks and enhancements. Items are guaranteed for refunds or exchange in case the requirements are not met, giving you a peace of mind. With nigerE.com, we are providing a true ‘cashless’ society.

photonigerE Aution site is NOW Live. Visit the site to list items and search for available items for sale or listed for bid. Great deals are available on nigerE Auction so join now and start bidding.

Godwin Akpan
Head of marketing, nigerE

photoThe ecommerce space has unique challenges and needs a hands-on approach in understanding and meeting the needs in Nigeria. With its advanced payments technology and brand, nigerE surely has what it takes to tackle this challenge.
It has the opportunity to make a real difference.

Prosper Nwakpa
Chief Technology Officer, Peanut Labs Inc

What's Coming Next

We are constantly improving on what we do. Stay connected with nigerE and learn about what else we have in the pipeline. Since we plan to be proactive, we will give you a heads up of what's coming next to our current and future portfolio of services.

What's Happening NOW

nigerE Auction is live. Join NOW and start winning fantastic deals. It's safe, secured and fun all the way.Auction

nigerE Deals - Looking for quick specialized items that is not auction based? nigerEDeals provide a quick way to get fantastic deals quick and easy. with nigerEDeals, you will be amazed how much discount you get on the Deal of the Day. Deals

nigerE Bazaar - nigerE.com is bringing Bazaar back. Bazaar

nigerE University - Learn all you need to know on nigerE, how things work, how to use the site, video, tutorials and other materials. nigerE University will be the ortal where you learn, think and share knowledge. University

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