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Newsletter AUGUST In Review

The month of August has been another successful one with quite a number of additional features added to the nigerE Auction Site, Modifications to existing features, and continuous improvements to better foster a seamless and unique user experience when it comes to eCommerce. We believe that making improvements on what we are currently doing will yeild a better user experience and help us get better in what we do.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens. But responding quickly and swiftly to unexpected events and doing so in a way that barely impacts users and hardly noticeable is a very good quality to have. nigerE is endowered with a good contingency plan for some unexpected events; Yes 'some' since it is somewhat difficult to plan for 'all'.
On August 10th, while performing a scheduled maintenance, our ability to respond quickly and swiftly to an unexpected event was put to test. And yes we passed, Yay! Thanks to our our most valued asset: The people here at nigerE. Our staff have got what it takes to withstand any wave and keep us moving in the right direction. During our scheduled maintenance, we had an issue with one of the functionality we were trying to add which will give users a more easier way of opening dispute with sellers/buyers and enable nigerE to gain visibility into a quick resolution of any dispute between buyer and seller - Dispute Resolution System.

Our staff have got what it takes to withstand any wave and keep us moving in the right direction. After completing the change we performed regression testing to make sure that everything is still functionally stable and that there are no holes in the security of the system. During this test, it was discovered that there was an interference with the secured portion of our site: the "https" version. If anyone accessed the https version of the site between 10pm and 3am on August 10th/11th, you would have noticed this. However, the regular site "http" (Not the secured version) - was fully functional during this time. We were rolled back all changes made and ensured that both versions: http and https were up and running and fuly functional. We also made incremental upgrades turining on services one after the other to avoid any interruption in user's experience on nigerE Auction. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure platform for conducting business and to make nigerE Auction and ALL other services nigerE provides; a safe and secured platform where business can be conducted. ALL services are restored and up and running.

Important Updates


e were able to get a major electronics and consumer goods distributor on board to partner with nigerE in providing quality items at discounted rates. We are finalizing the contracts and working on shipping, export terms, customs and other logistics that will make this partnership possible. What this means is that soon, buyers will have several varieties of discounted items for purchase on nigerE Auction site.

We will also be launching nigerEDeals in the last quarter of 2012. This is a service that is strictly designed for people looking for deals for immediate buy. A specific deal (whenever available - daily, weekly etc) will run and buyers can sign up for advance notifications so that they are aware of when the deal will run. With nigerEDeals, One item will be showcased and will run until it is either sold out or expired. User will be able to suggest an item they'll like to purhase or see run on the deals site, Rate an item, Vote on an item, Refer friends and earn cash back plus a number of other cool stuff they will be able to perform.

We have also modified our payment terms to allow more flexibility for users to make payments on items purchased on nigerE. Along with the payment enhancements are a number of new features and enhancements that will help the users and create a better user experience.See below list of additional features and enhancements on nigerE Auction.

New Features


uring the month of August, we have added the following features and functionalities to nigerE Auction to foster a better user experience and better interaction between users and the Auction site:

  • Auction Ending Reminders - Now you can set a reminder on any item and get notifications when the item is about to end. The notification intervals are: 5mins, 30mins, 1hr, 2 hrs etc.
  • Redesigned the "Ending Soon Auction" - Ending Soon Auctions now Displays images and users can easily preview the items that are ending soon.
  • Seller Reputation Enhancements - Each item details now include a quick overview of the item seller's reputation. The better the 'Reputation', the more the 'Sales'.
  • Buy Out Discounts - All items listed for immediate buy "Buy Out" now has a new functionality for seller to apply more discounts to an already discounted item
  • Account Reminders - We now remind you of your account status
  • Side Menu Enhancements - We have enhaced the side menu to include important information for users at a clance when they visit the site.
  • Giveaways - We are starting to run periodic Giveaways and Promotions on the site. Visit the auction site to see what this entails.
  • Invoicing - We now provide the ability for Sellers to send an invoice to the Buyer. Both Sellers and Buyers are able to view invoices sent and received.
  • COP Payment Term - Users can now pay Cash on Pick-up on most Items on nigerE

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