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Our Journey

We have come a long way. On this page, you will find out some of the things we are doing and what we have lined up. We are changing the way business is done in continental Africa...

We think.

Innovation starts from with'IN'. We constantly think of ways of making business easier.
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We Create.

After careful thoughts with thourough analysis, we make change happen through technology.
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We connect.

We release our service after a complete end-to-end testing so that people can use it to meet specific needs.
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"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks, and discomforts. "

Where We come from.

TypographynigerE Started as a product of eXsusa Holdings with the aim of providing ecommerce solution. This initiative started in April 2009 with lots of changes along the way. These changes helped in shaping the direction and future of nigerE making it a brand rather than a product.

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Where We are.

TypographyToday, nigerE has emerged as a brand with a line of service offerings in the ecommerse space. The Auction site is fully functional and integrated with Interswitch webpay solution in making real time online payments. There are several other lines of service all solving different ecommerce problems with a focus on continental Africa as an emerging market.

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Where We are going.

TypographynigerE is poised to be a service provider bringing technological services to continental Africa and bridging the technological divide between the region and the rest of the western world. We are bringing services that are secured, convinient and easy of use. nigerE continues to evolve as we bring ecommerce solutions to the market we serve.

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