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nigerE's InstoPay

We are building information for this page that will help highlights what InstoPay is all about. Come back and visit us for updates. In the meantime, we do have services already released. Thank you for checking out InstoPay

nigerE Auction

feature-1nigerEAuction is an online e-commerce portal where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate and purchase items, goods and services through bidding or immediate buy.

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nigerE Deals

feature-2nigerEDeals is a 'Deal of the Day' ecommerce model. You get a specific line of items selling at a given day and discounted upto 90%.

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Video Support

feature-4Learn fast by watching quick videos to help understand latest technology or functionality release. This is our quick way for us to connect with you and help you understand the How Tos on nigerE.com's.

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nigerE University

feature-5nigerEUniversity provides the knowledgebase needed for nigerE. You learn about each of our services in details and not just that, we connect you with world class training needed for your personal, educational and professional needs.

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