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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we feel you will need answers to. If there are other questions you'll like answers to, feel free to use the Contact Us page to send us your questions or feedback. We will include your questions with answers on this page for everyone to learn from.

  • When is nigerE Auction Going Live?

    nigerE Auction is LIVE!

    Just click on the link to the Auction Site and start bidding on items.

  • Will the Beta Site Continue On?


    The Beta Phase for the Auction Site is now over. A big Thank You to everyone that was involved in the Beta Phase and helped test all the functionalities.

  • Now that nigerE Auction is Live, what happens with my Beta Account?

    Don’t worry; we have taken care of this for you.

    All active Beta Accounts have been migrated to the live auction site. What this means is that you can use the same login information to access the site. All you transactions are preserved and you are uniquely identified as one of the early adopters/pioneer users of nigerE Auction. This will be valuable as we do drawings and promotions in the future.

  • Why don’t I get to see the auction when I go to nigerE.com?

    nigerE is a brand. nigerEAuction is one of the services offered by the nigerE brand.

    We understand that one hat does not fit all and what is good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander. This is why nigerE as a brand, is now a suite of ecommerce solutions. With solutions that helps meet your ecommerce needs and the ability to communicate vital information, connect and be fully engaged with our users, this uniquely sets nigerE apart.

  • Can I use the same account for all services once registered?

    Great question! Yes and No.

    We currently do not have single sign-on enabled for nigerE’s services. With single sign-on, this means that when you log in to one account, you are automatically able to use all other services without having to log in again.

    You can however create an account with the same details as each service is independent and your sign-on credentials are unique to each of our services. Not to worry though, we are going to get to the point where we can enable single sign-on for all services.

  • Where do I find the Link to the Auction?

    Ha! We are glad you can’t wait!

    Yes, we know you are ready to get started on nigerE. A link to nigerEAuction is all over this site. See the nigerE News section for links to Auction and other sites. You can also see it in the header section of the homepage or go to nigerEAuction under ‘Services’ page.

  • I bought an item from the Auction Site but I need some help

    Awesome! You are on your way to becoming a ninjaE!

    We have associates working to make sure your needs are satisfied. You can call us on the support line, do a Live Chat with us or send us an email using the Contact Us form. You may also contact the merchant directly by using the ‘Contact Seller’ form within your account area. We have made it easy for you to reach us and you can use whatever means suitable to you. We are here for you.

  • Is there something I can read to understand how things work on nigerE?

    Yes. Lots of training guides are available

    We have put together an FAQ session on the auction site to help you understand how it works. Lots of materials are also available including training videos in nigerE University to help you understand what to do and how to use some of the features of nigerE.

  • I would like to see more services offered by nigerE

    Sure. We are busy designing and developing some real nice stuff that are coming to you soon.

    We have a number of services already in our portfolio and several coming up in the near future. The goal of nigerE is to make doing business fun and easy, so we are glad you are thinking along the same lines as us.


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