About our Company

nigerE.com is a brand that is providing ecommerce solutions and other services that simplifies the way business is conducted. We have a portfolio of services already launched including an online e-commerce portal where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate and purchase items, goods with services and several other services in the pipeline. We are changing the way business is done in continental Africa.... .

About Us

companynigerE is a brand created by eXsusa Holdings to cater to the ecommerce needs of emerging markets. We are entering the African market from Nigeria, where we have a very strong base with plans to expand to other parts of continental Africa and with an ultimate aim to use technology to either strengthen or create robust links between African businesses to the rest of the world. nigerE currently has a number of services being rendered. These services range from auction platform to specialized deals; from knowledge base mining to payment solutions and logistics; or effectively all aspects of a functional ecommerce space. In order to continually improve our efficacy, we are also gradually extending and expanding our services and team. We are a technology providing and enabling company focused on meeting the needs of a broad consumer base and bringing ease and great user experience to online transactions in emerging markets.

At nigerE, our business units are supported by a team with strong technology background that is constantly performing analysis and assessment on problems and opportunity areas for our relevant market segments and using these results to determine the technology and distribution methods that best solves the problem. By continually evolving our approach in this iterative manner, we believe that we will be able to significantly impact how business is conducted in emerging markets. Fortunately, we have the people, skills and technology to make this happen and will continue utilizing our strengths and experience to help smoothly usher in this inevitable inclusion of ecommerce in emerging markets.

eXsusa Holdings was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2009 with a mindset of bringing automation to manual processes that will increase the overall business efficiency which in turn will increase company profits. With nigerE, we are providing a powerful medium to directly reach out to the consumer while simultaneously providing consumer-based applications that helps meet ecommerce needs. Our ultimate aim is to use Information Technology to help transform current industries practices into a more user friendly, flexible, and robust ecosystem that embraces the needs of all online consumers in emerging markets and beyond.

Our Portfolio


ooking for an online or retail store with the right features and functionalities to meet your specific shopping needs & maximize your user experience? nigerE answers questions you may have around the following:

  • Shopping Cart with Secure Order Processing
  • Product Configuration & Distributor Support
  • Back-end Integrations / Programming
  • Real-time Credit Authorization
  • Online or Offline Payment Processing
  • Online Product Catalogues
  • Customer Tracking & Database Solutions
  • Pricing & Product Management
  • Email Campaign Application
  • Customer Management with Login
  • Package / Shipment Tracking
  • Real-Time Inventory & Sales Reporting
  • Order Management Systems
  • Site Specific Advanced Search Engines

nigerE provides all these through:

Our Team

nigerE's primary asset is in the group of visionaries and executioners that are working tirelessly in bringing about a change. With a laid back culture, fun and hard work mentality, nigerE comprise of a good blend of skills that is poised to make a difference and impact the way business is conducted in Africa through technology. With a staff strength of professionals with individual career successes in various industries, the combined strength of nigerE partner resources makes it a formidable 21st century establishment.


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